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McDowall Chiropractic – Your Trusted North Brisbane Chiropractor

Based in McDowall Queensland, our aim is to restore and improve spinal function, encouraging the body’s natural abilities to self-heal and self-regulate.

Our McDowall chiropractor uses safe and effective traditional, low force chiropractic techniques including spinal adjustments, joint and soft-tissue treatment, ergonomic and nutritional advice, stress reduction support and simple exercise advice.

McDowall Chiropractic provide you with an integrated approach and advanced chiropractic services to meet your health and lifestyle goals:

  • A thorough history, examination and postural assessment.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of functional conditions of the spine.
  • Treatment of the extremities and soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments.
  • Rehabilitative exercise.
  • Plans to relieve your problem; fix the cause; prevent recurrence and enhance function for an amazing life.

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Falls In Older Adults

Research – Chiropractic and the reduction in the risk of falls in the elderly Falls in the elderly are a significant cause of death, injury and reduced quality of life. Published in the Journal of Manipulative Therapeutics (JMPT) a 2016 New Zealand study concluded that: ‘Sensorimotor function and multisensory integration associated with fall risk andContinue Reading


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