Chiropractors like Happy Feet

Your feet, and therefore what you wear on your feet can have an impact on the stability of your pelvis and spine. I often work on (or adjust) feet, knees and hips.  I also might recommend
more supportive footwear, sometimes with orthotic inserts for some patients. I find I check feet as much or more in children as adults.Of the last 25 plus years in practice and tens of thousands of patients, I have come to the conclusion that many individuals just can’t wear thongs or shoes that provide poor support. Feet that need more stable footwear cause problems not only in the feet, but also the knees, pelvis and spine.If you want to wear something like thongs that provides more support, I like Birkenstock thongs or sandals.

The best type of shoe is a good running shoe. I’ve worn ASICS and Adidas for a long time.

I also find a boot that crosses the ankle, such as work boots, provides good support. I like RM Williams boots as a dress boot for men as they cross the ankle. These may seem expensive initially but I just resole them.

There are plenty of other supportive shoes but these are what I like and have experience with.

High heels are a story on their own. Ladies, I’m not telling you never to wear high heels, although some ladies may need to limit their time in them.

Dr Patrick Maher
Chiropractor Brisbane CBD
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