Sitting is becoming the new smoking


Sitting is becoming the new smoking


My childhood family chiropractor, the late and beloved Dr Doug Graley, displayed this on a prominent sign visible on exiting his practice:


Walk Walk Walk for dear life!

Don’t forget your 10 minute walk after your adjustment today.

& remember… a 45 minute brisk walk each day is essential for good health’


His advice is even more relevant today as our professional journals report that ‘sitting is becoming the new smoking’.

Sitting is not only hard on the spine but hard on just about every organ in the body. This is due to the impact a poorly functioning spine has on the rest of the body, and in addition to the seated forward body posture putting prolonged and abnormal pressure on our organs and glands. Conditions such as:


bowel cancer

heart disease

reduced lung capacity

hormonal imbalances

…and the list is increasing


…are all reported to be more prevalent in those whose job involves a predominantly sitting posture.

As chiropractors, we assess the spine for proper function which reduces the negative impacts of prolonged sitting as well as encourages a better sitting posture.

You will notice that I haven’t mentioned pain yet!! Back pain, neck pain and headaches are the most common conditions seen by chiropractors and largely aggravated by prolonged sitting. These are the things that will bring you to our office and these are the things chiropractors are well known to get excellent results with.

However, pain is the tip of the iceberg in many cases. Due to the mechanical nature of the spine and the fact that it is made up of many complex joints, chiropractors are able to be mechanically assess and correct where problems exist. The dysfunctional joints are called ‘subluxations’, and the corrections are called, ‘adjustments’. The better the spine functions, the less likely we will have disruptions to our lives through pain or ill health, and our sitting posture will improve.

But that’s not all! We will be on your case to get up off your backside more, walk more and maybe get a sit/stand desk.

For more excellent information and links go to our Chiropractors’ Association of Australia website ‘Sit Right’ page.

Dr Patrick Maher BAppSc(Chiro)

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